Wii remotes, backpacks and papers…

This week flew by for us with school and work for Devin taking up all of our time.  This week I had my first paper of the semester due and it was doozy!   I think it was the most boring paper I have ever written but am hoping I did well on it.   Brendan has been spending a lot of his time running and running and running some more from the dining room door to the front door.  He has a game he plays with Cherokee (the dog) where he runs and giggles and then Cherokee nudges him and off he goes again. It is incredibly cute to watch the two of them in action.  Brendan has also been known to mimic Devin and me by walking around using various objects as a phone.  This week he has been using a Wii remote, a pack of diaper wipes and finally swiped Devin’s blackberry.   He also did really good this week with his sitter, he didn’t cry instead he put out his arms for her to take him. So that will make things a lot easier 🙂 He also is refusing to leave the house now without his backpack, it’s really cute and we get a lot of comments on how cute he looks 🙂

** Things with Gram and Pop are looking better so thank you so much for your prayers 🙂 **

packed a bag, got his phone, shoes and a ride!

he is a very important person 😉

hands free device for driving Mater 🙂

Friday we went to the bookstore he of course picked and Elmo book.

and we painted while waiting for Devin to get home from work.

he ended the week by watching Zoboomafoo his favorite show!


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