school days…

Sunday we didn’t really do anything special just a lot of playing, I went grocery shopping and the boys did boy things like play cars, trucks and wrestle.  And Devin set up a car ramp that Brendan got for Christmas from his Aunt Kim and Uncle Dan.  We are finally nearing the end of his gifts 🙂

And today the Fall semester started at my school, University of Maryland..GO TERPS!  So this semester I am only taking 2 classes but total I have 5 to go including my internship.  Minimizing myself to 2 classes was the recommendation of my advisors.  Anyways I am taking hard classes and because of my past failures with classes I need to do really well this semester.   The classes I am taking are an English class in writing case studies & narratives and Family economics which is designed for my major.  I have my English class Mondays and Wednesdays and Economics on Tuesday and Thursdays.    I am fortunate to have off on Fridays 🙂

Today  was the first day of classes so I had English and I will admit and am sure you all know I was NERVOUS!  Luckily my teacher is awesome!   She is from Scotland with a very thick accent but extremely funny and is approachable.

While I was in class Brendan got to hang out with his new babysitter, Tiffany.  She is a very sweet girl also in my department at school and he just took right to her.   He had a great time today, no tears and I am hopeful this will all work out.

Sunday morning a panda tried to eat Brendan 😉

Bam-bam in action


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