Zoo and diner ….

Saturday morning we went to the National Zoo in D.C. for a little bit. Unfortunately we didn’t get there as early as we had hoped so by the time we did parking was hard to find and the animals were mostly in hiding. But still we had a great time and Brendan’s buddies Cameron and Evan were there with their mom and dad so we got to hang with them for a couple minutes. We found a whole section of the zoo that we, Devin and I, didn’t know existed. The section is called the kids farm and it has a petting area and play area that is called the pizza garden. Brendan was shy with his buddies and stayed close to his dad. We also some 2 Orangutans, prairie dogs, cows, donkeys, alpacas and llamas. By the time we saw them all it was way too hot, B was tired and so were we. We do plan to go back in the cooler months since the Zoo has something called Boo at the Zoo and this year Brendan will be the perfect age to go.

holding on tight to his dad

Devin, Brendan, Cameron and Evan.

sliding down a chunk of cheese 🙂

walking around the pizza

omg he was sooo excited to pet a cow. In fact so excited that he flipped out in a bad way when we left. eek!


Saturday night we went down to Annapolis to the Towne Centre for dinner. We were going to try a new place called Philly Flash which claims to have cheesesteaks as good as Philadelphia. However they aren’t open for business yet so went to a place called Metro diner &cafe. So it’s a really cool concept you order your food in a computer and 5 minutes later a server brings it to your table. We each ordered sliders (mini burgers) …Devin got 3 sliders with everything on them and I got 2 plain sliders. They have excellent shoestring french fries and we also got a chocolate chip cookie, a red velvet cupcake and chocolate chocolate cupcake. The sliders I enjoyed, Devin thought they were ok (they used some weird sauce/dressing on his), the cupcakes were nothing spectacular (I am not a fan of “gourmet” cupcakes) and the cookie Devin thought was really good. So all in all a good experience and we would go back.


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