playground, dancing and coloring…

This week is our last week of Summer fun since I start back up my classes this coming Monday (the 30th). It’s also been a crazy week with Devin being offered a lot of overtime at work, yay!

So Monday night Devin was stuck at work so after Brendan woke up from his nap we went over to the playground for a bit.  We first stopped at the playground that’s meant for kids a bit older then Brendan to see how he would do …he did great I on the other hand was a nervous nelly. We moved over to the little section for toddlers where it was muddy and Brendan enjoyed going down the slide, playing with the steering wheel and splashing in mud puddles.  Also last time we were at the playground he was unsure of the shakey bridge but this time he did it all by himself. 🙂

he sat just like this until I took his picture

the walk to the car is far for a 2 year old...he needed a break and a drink

Cherokee says: Toddlers are tasty 😉

A couple weeks ago at HomeGoods I picked up a lunchbox for Brendan. yes I know he’s not in school but one day he will be and come on a real old school lunchbox is a necessity! It took him about 5 minutes total to figure out how to latch and unlatch it. He filled it with all kinds of things from Matchbox and How Wheels cars to socks, his thermos, Elmo and other odd items.

This week I also taught Brendan, finally, how to blow kisses.  Honestly it looks like he is smacking himself but he isn’t. I am trying to catch it on video but every time I get the camera out to video him he stops.  Devin got in some push-ups with Brendan’s help…and Brendan was cracking up the whole time!

Also yesterday I asked him if he pooped and he said  “I did”  which is funny because really he still just mainly babbles/toddler speaks and sometimes he just bursts out these real words or phrases that are random.

Today we bought new crayons since ours went missing and a smaller drawing pad for Brendan.  The ones my parents got him are great but he likes to tear the paper apart so we will save them for when he is a bit older. We also played with the blocks building big structures and played cars.   We have been listening to some music cd’s my parents got for him during the evening hours to keep some noise in the house ( I don’t like when it’s quiet).   Well when he hears the music, really any music anywhere of any kind, he starts wiggling and shaking his little body. So cute!


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