drawing, daddy time, silliness and diapers…

At the grocery store they line the aisles with balloons. We all know how much Brendan loves balloons.  So everytime we  food shop he whines for a balloon the whole time.  I however don’t want him to think that everytime we go he will get one so I try to space the purchase of balloons out.  This last week when we were there, at Giant, they had football shaped balloons so we got and Eagles one and the boy is loving it!

You want a piece of me balloon!?!

Back when Devin was away and Brendan and I were at the shore house my mom and dad got Brendan 3 huge drawing pads by Crayola.  Well somehow, against my best efforts, they made it here to Maryland.  We were coming in from the store last week when Brendan spotted on and drug it into the playroom so I gave him some colored pencils and he went to town.

Saturday morning and afternoon I spent a couple hours at the hair salon and Brendan and Devin got some time in with each other  🙂  I think finally after 7 years I have found a hair salon that I love in Maryland.  I went to a place called Bombshell in Ellicott City so if any of you are in MD I really recommend going there.


Sunday morning we met up with Lauren and Milo for breakfast at the diner.   We spent a couple hours there just chatting away and Brendan was of course an angel.  No seriously he was!

Today we just did the usual of going to the grocery store, made some stuffed peppers  and had dinner.  This afternoon I heard Brendan wake from his nap but I like to give him a couple minutes to see if he is really awake.  Well today was one of those days where I should have gone up right away.  By the time I went to check on him, which was only 10 minutes tops, he had taken off his pants and diaper.  😐 He had peed on the floor, the diaper was on the floor and his sheets yeh they were a mess!   I am told  and have read that this could be the beginning signs that he is ready to potty train.  So we shall see …but OMG was that a shocker of a sight!

Unfortunately Devin got stuck at work until 930 tonight so it was just me and Brendan for dinner so we had grilled cheese.   Brendan did better with it this time meaning he finished 1/4 of his sandwich.


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