beach bums! (lots of pictures!)

Last Sunday we headed up to my parents shore house for some R&R. We really needed these couple days as Devin has been a working fool, Shamus’ passing and school will be starting for me again in a few short days.

Sunday was the 2 year anniversary of Brendan coming home from the NICU so it was a great day to be with my parents and celebrate! We had a quick bite to eat and headed to the bay beach which also happens to be my favorite. I am sooooo happy to tell you all that this trip was much different then the disastrous trip to the beach last time where Brendan screamed and was not a fan of the sand. Brendan was in the water, playing in the sand and having a great time. It was like a totally different experience from our previous trip. 🙂

yes don't die of shock that is my dad at the beach. 🙂

Monday morning we went to the beach at Surf City. Again Brendan was a rockstar loving ever minute on the beach. He was splashing in the waves and playing in the sand.

eating fishies and taking over Devins chair ...a great day at the beach!

building some sand castles

Monday night we took Brendan to OCNJ’s boardwalk for some rides and pizza 🙂 Devin and I weren’t too sure how Brendan would do on the rides but he did great. He went on the boats, fire trucks, a truck, spaceship and carousel. We had pizza from Mac&Manco’s, caramel corn from Jonson’s and some Curly’s fries. Brendan also “played” the crane machine and won a stuffed giraffe and yes it was a play til you win machine 🙂

*my dad has better pics so I will share some of them too another time 🙂 *

ahhh but will be a crane machine master like his momma?

1....2....3... wee!

Tuesday the forecast was wishy-washy so Devin and I took Brendan to a place on the island called Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island is like LBI’s version of the boardwalk with games and rides, however the rides don’t open until night time. We had a lot of fun running around winning tickets and actually got a lot of points towards prizes. We ended up with enough points to get Brendan a Toy Story cup and bowl and have a voucher for the remaining points when we go back again.

important morning phone calls 😉

yup still obessed with fans

father-in-law and son-in-law kayaking adventure

Devin and I are treated like chopped liver when my dad is around... sad sad sad!

Tuesday night we went to a carnival at St Francis church. Brendan had a great time again going on rides and especially playing games. He won a lot of prizes 🙂

my husband is the strongest man in the world 🙂

here they come....

tada...he loved it!

he DID NOT like the boats

After the carnival we had pizza and my mom and dad packed up to head home.  We played with B’s new punchy balloon and rested up for our last day …

Wednesday morning we went to the bay beach for a bit, packed up and headed to Philly to pick up Cherokee and see Gram and Pop.  🙂

Devin caught us some crabs and released them 🙂

We had a great couple of days…. can’t wait to get back to the Shore Shack again!


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  1. Lauren P

    Wow, so many familiar places! Brendans a lucky boy to have such a fun and loving fam!

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