The Wonder Pup…

Some of you have already heard and some are just going to be learning about this now but this past Friday, August 6th our family lost Shamus the wonder pup.  He has been sick for months, we thought getting better, but unfortunately he lost his battle and is now in puppy heaven.  We know he is there because honestly Shamus was the greatest dog to ever live on this Earth.  I have many fond memories of family events with Shamus and goofy things he did to make us all laugh.  The story of how Shamus came to be a part of our family is a quick and funny one.  My mom wanted a new ring and we wanted a dog…she got the ring we got the dog 🙂

I remember the night my parents brought him home since well my brother and I were out and were supposed to be home.   Stephen, me and my friend Michelle all walked up to Toys R Us because Michelle’s little brother Bobby had asked for Tickle me Elmo for Christmas that year. We knew the truck shipment came in at midnight since it was close to Christmas this Elmo was hard to come by.  We went up to stalk the store for Elmo and got home a little after  midnight.  There were my parents waiting with big smiles on their faces and oh man did we ever fall in love with that little pup.  His fur was too big, he had giant paws and those puppy eyes that just said please love me.

Love him we did, he was at just about every family event and people who fear dogs loved Shamus. Many would say he could talk and that he was almost human. He would let me do just about whatever I wanted to him including:  dress him in tshirts or sweatshirts, put him in chairs and beds, put slippers on him, parade him around the block, etc. He was our protector, our little fuzzy faced brother and just the best dog a family could ask ever ask for.  We miss you Shamy.


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  1. Eileen Hadlich

    I remember the first time I and Debbie saw shamus we were at the mall and we were watching him in the window and he was so cute we both knew he would go to a good home but never thought we would know the family .Sorry to to hear but I know how it feels. Love Mom

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