Today Brendan and I surprised Gram and Pop…

Since last week  I have been planning to go up and surprise my Gram and Pop with the sunshine committee aka Brendan.   So this morning we got up, dressed and out the door. Which might I add is a million times easier now that he is a toddler….grab a sippy cup, some diapers, wipes and off we go.  We got into Philly about noon but made a pit stop at a local bakery, Mayfair bakery for those nearby, to pick up some cookies, sticky buns and crumb cake. Gram and Pop were absolutely shocked to see us walk through the door.  It was great, perfect and exactly what I was hoping would happen 🙂   Shortly after we got there my mom stopped in, then my cousin K.C. came and so did my cousin Carolyn.   It was a full house and I think my Gram and Pop enjoyed every second.  Brendan of course did some of his talking for them, he played with the BIG truck Carolyn (and Tom) bought him and he enjoyed some cookies 🙂

Grams exygen compressor is really fun to turn off and on off and on

kisses for his Mamie

Auntie K.C. stop trying to steal my cookie 😉

Auntie Carolyn helping Brendan open his new truck... Carr I think this is his new fave toy!

and he made Gram's day by giving her a kiss 🙂

After Gram and Pop’s we went over to my parents so they could get some time with B.   He flew the remote control helicopter, played with doilies (yes apparently they are not just for decoration!) and went on a butterfly hunt with his Pop.

gee think the genes on my side are strong!?! hahahahhah

Luckily we didn’t hit to much traffic and were safely back in MD by 7pm.

After dinner Devin and Brendan set up one of Brendan’s birthday presents.  It is the fisher-price wheelies garage and boy does he love it!  Between this and the new truck from Auntie Carolyn he is in truck and car heaven.

such a good lil helper (* the drill wasn't on!)


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