butterfly (or is it a moth!!?) , swimming and other stuff..

So Saturday morning our friends Lauren & Milo invited us over to go swimming. When we were loading up the Jeep I noticed a butterfly ( turns out it’s a luna moth thanks Laura 🙂 ) , which I thought was dead, on our miniature evergreen to the right of our front door. Not sure what kind it is but it was HUGE and very cool…Brendan was impressed!

We spent the afternoon swimming, chatting and Milo helped Brendan learn to swim. Milo has been a swimmer his whole life so he really know his stuff.  Unfortunately I only got 2 pictures before my battery died.  After swimming Brendan took a short nap to recharge his batteries, haha, and we went out to dinner.  He was so good throughout dinner even though the service left something to be desired.

drying off for lunch

This weekend we pulled out the animal director style chair my mom and dad got for Brendan when he was still in the NICU.   It is his favorite thing now.  He was standing in his crib going Sit sit sit.  So he pulled the chair over in front of his music box and watched …very cute!

Sunday we went to the food store and watched the Phillies beat the Nationals in the 11th inning 🙂    And today, Monday Brendan and I once again headed up to College Park to  meet with my advisor to confirm everything is all set for me to graduate asap, it is 🙂

I spent 10 mins, yes 10 mins, trying to get a picture of him in the chair watching his music box... but this is what I ended up getting. Think we are Phillies fans!?! ahah

he cracks up when he can actually get his recorder to play a note

at one point he was standing ON the steering wheel...lord help me!

rain boots...check. hulk gloves ....check. destruction ...check!


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  1. Hey there! I think, and I have no idea for sure, but I think that is a moth. Possibly a luna moth? Pretty sure it’s some kind of moth. Of the very large and hairy variety.

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