Devin’s shindig ….

Saturday we and Devin’s siblings, their spouses, niece and nephews and his parents all met up at the CG to congratulate Devin on graduating from the academy and on his new job. It was a hot one but we had a good time, a lot of laughs, Brendan had a great time with all the family but especially with his cousins. The kids enjoyed the hot tub (not Brendan too young), the pool (Brendan slept!), a fire built by Uncle Matt and Devin, playground,smores, science experiments involving a bottle of Coca-cola and mentos and we adults just chatted the day away. Good times! 🙂

helping Mom-mom pick out some tunes

helping Pop-pop setup the dartboard

he LOVED swinging like a big kid

they are so silly together

with Uncle Matt

Danny, Debbie, Dennis and Devin

with their mom

playing tennis with Aunt Debbie

Uncle Denny taught Brendan how to properly throw a football

fyi: Devin was standing just outside the frame for this picture 🙂

Dana decided to share her Fun dip with Brendan...sugar sugar sugar!

watching the big boys do an experiment. (the golf cart didn't move with Brendan on it)

Brendan, Devin, Matthew and Dennis

mad scientists

a quick game of wiffle ball

finally me and my little guy 🙂


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