heat advisory, earthquake and splish splash…..

This week has been another scorcher with temps in the upper 90’s and today actually once again reaching 100.  Sunday night to cool off Devin and Brendan had some ice cream. Devin made Brendan’s night by giving him his own cone so we  all sat on the deck and  the boy was happy!

enjoying Breyer's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream just like his dad 🙂

This week we did a lot of playing inside since it’s still too hot for the playground. We also got my car fixed so there were some days we were trapped at home haha.  This week the favorite toy is his box of Little People farm blocks and various other farm animals we have from other playsets.

Brendan's farm

Wednesday we met up with Lauren and Milo for dinner at the Italian Market.  Brendan just adores them and they feel the same about him. 🙂

Wait just one minute!

So my friend Laura, Cameron and Evan’s mom, found these great cups for C&E and told us about them.  They are Foogoo Thermos straw sippy cup that is insulated to keep drinks cool for 10 hours.  So of course as I am always on the search for the perfect sippy cup for Brendan had to go get one to try out.  SCORE!  I only bought one at first because they are a bit expensive at $15 a pop but bought another one today with Toy Story characters on it 🙂

Today e had a heat advisory, meaning to stay in if you can, today from 11am – 9pm.   And at 504this morning we had an earthquake that registered as a 3.6.  We didn’t feel it since we were sleeping but friends of mine did, scary stuff!  This afternoon when it cooled off a bit I filled up Brendan’s pool and pirate ship so we could have some fun.

Cherokee and Brendan had quite the system worked out: Brendan would scoop up a cup of water and fling it so Cherokee would jump and drink it.  Many laughs were had….


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