30 and Independence day

This past weekend was a busy one and so fun! Friday afternoon we once again joined my friend Lauren over at the pool for some fun in the sun. And then when Devin got home we loaded up the Jeep and headed to the shore shack. We made great time with getting there in about 3 hours.

Saturday I turned 30…woohoo! The day was crazy busy with the men (Dad and Devin) getting the boat ready to go in the water, my mom and I took Brendan to the beach and Aunt Sheryl, Uncle George and Hayley came down to join in on the fun. Well the bad news is Brendan HATED and I do mean HATED the beach. The second his toes touched the sand he flipped out and the water wow that just put him over the edge. The good news is he is just like me haha because I was the same exact way as a baby/toddler. My mom and I stuck it out and by the end of our visit to the beach Saturday he was playing in the sand and not screaming when the water came at him, success! We grilled for dinner, had crabs, cake and of course fireworks. Also my family sang happy birthday on the deck and some neighbors from across the lagoon joined in haha.

checking his email 😉

practicing driving the boat

feeding the ducks with his Pop

Hayley did a alphabet lesson with Brendan on the magna doodle

me and my favorite boy on my 30th

Sunday morning Devin and I took Brendan to a playground with sand and a view of the bay. We went early so that sand wasn’t too hot. Brendan still wasn’t a fan of the sand but he did have fun playing with his dad 🙂

hahah he really didn't want to touch the sand

he loves his shamus

In the afternoon we went to the beach. Brendan was doing much better with the sand and water until the waves snuck up on him. But Devin stuck it out and by the end of our trip to the beach he was fine with the sand and water as long as it was at a distance. Also while we were on the beach a tugboat pulled up and Brendan was all oooohing over it.

watchin' the tugboat

after the beach we took a quick dip in the pool….and got ready to go out on the boat to watch the fireworks which by the way were awesome.

he drove and Pop supervised 😉

watching the sun set with his Mamie

fist pumpin' with Uncle George

Monday morning we were up early, loaded the Jeep and made attempt #1 at leaving but traffic was terrible so we went back to the shore house for a bit.  We did actually leave around 530pm and made it home by a bit after 9pm exhausted.  It was a great weekend at the shore!

looking for fishies

helping Devin empty the pool



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  1. Mamie

    So love these pics…Thank you for another great holiday…..Mom aka Mamie

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