Together again…

after 17.5 long weeks we (Katie, Devin and Brendan) are once again a family. Now yes for the 17.5 weeks we were a family but separated by many many miles.

So last Wednesday, June 23rd, Brendan and I dropped off Cherokee for some time at “camp” , went to my friend Colleen’s and she drove us to the airport. Now this flight was special for 2 huge reasons we were going to get Devin and it was also Brendan’s first time flying. Well our flight was scheduled to depart BWI at 120 getting us to JAX at 315. We didn’t actually leave BWI until 3:15 getting us to JAX at a little after 5 p.m. At first our flight being delayed made me panic, I mean hello I was stuck in an airport with my 2 year old in a stroller and had an unknown amount of hours to kill. Because originally they pushed the flight back by 15mins but as time went on it got pushed further and further back. The good news is Brendan did great in the airport. We discovered that it takes 15ish minutes round trip to walk the SouthWest concourse, that people aren’t all that friendly and my new idea is for them to make a kids play room. Because in our time there we saw at least 50 kids who had energy to burn and other parents looking as worried as I was. My son is a rockstar…he fell asleep in his stroller for about 2 hours so I shopped a bit (got him a Southwest airplane, a ball, wordsearch puzzle book for me) parked the stroller and did some word search puzzles (a fave of mine!).

outside BWI waiting to do curbside check-in ๐Ÿ™‚

he loved loved loved the planes

Things did get a bit shakey when it was time to board the flight but once we were in our seats he was fine until take-off. Honestly for take-off he didn’t even seem phased by it, I had fruit snacks and a sippy to help with his ears and a pacifier as backup. Once we were in the air I broke out the toys: Leapster laptop, travel magna doodle, drawing pad and pen, trucks, Leapfrog phone and he also enjoyed opening and closing the window shade and putting the tray up and down. He didn’t cry, scream or anything like that ๐Ÿ™‚ The guy behind us kept playing peek-a-boo with him so that was helpful. Then before I knew it we were in JAX and getting off the plane.

So getting our suitcase wasn’t bad, we found the Jeep pretty easily and by the time I had Brendan in the carseat Devin was also at the airport to help us get to GA. Our first stop in GA was the hotel, Country Inn, it was lovely…great staff and adorable. We went to a place called Blue Water cafe for dinner on St Simon’s Island unfortunately it was to hot to eat outside. After dinner we parted ways so Devin could pack up his room and I could get Brendan to bed so he was little mr. sunshine for the graduation.

Thursday morning was Devins graduation from the academy for his new agency. Because of his job I cannot mention the agency so please just assume it’s a super important one because it is ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily the graduation was inside, since it was like 96 degrees at 9 a.m.. Devin received an award which was a surprise to me although let’s be real I knew he was awesome at his job and they recognized it too ๐Ÿ™‚ After the graduation we went to the shop to get a t-shirt for me and Brendan, Devin needed some more stuff and we got the heck out of there.

Our original plan was to stop in Charleston, SC for some sightseeing but mother nature and the unusually warm temperatures put those plans to a stop.ย  So instead we just drove until we couldn’t anymore and found a hotel.ย  Our stop brought us to Florence, SC which was about 1/2 way to Maryland. We hung out at the pool, had pizza in the room for dinner and all crashed.

Friday we set off for our drive around 1030 a.m. we stopped at a place called South of the Border, which is really like it’s own small town.ย ย  We just checked out one ofย  the stores, got Brendan a t-shirt, and hit the road again.ย  We stopped off at a place called Moore’s bbq thinking it would be delicious since we were in the South, but Devin wasn’t impressed.ย ย  At any rate we got home about 6:30 p.m. on Friday and began the process of unloading all of our crap from the Jeep.ย  Brendan did great on our trip but I don’t think he wants to go on any more long trips anytime soon haha.

Feels great to be home and as a family again !


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  1. Nicole C

    Congratulations!! I am really happy for you! Wishing you the best! Graduation sounded fun!

    On a side note, “the agency that can’t be named” has been making my life miserable the last two months ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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