Summer days…

Aren’t summer days the best!? I agree!  I am fortunate enough to be a sahm (stay at home mom) to Brendan, for now.   What that means is we have a lot of time to have fun especially in the Summer.   So today we headed over bright and early to Colleen’s house to hang out with her, Caitlin and Payton. The kids played, watched cartoons and had grilled cheese for lunch.  Now over the past couple months I have tried, and failed, many times to get Brendan to eat grilled cheese.  This is on the list of things that normally if Devin is making and eating Brendan will too. Also on the list is eggs..Devin cooks them with cheese a lot of cheese and Brendan loves them. I try to duplicate it and Brendan won’t touch them, typical!   So when Colleen said she was making grilled cheese for him I laughed and said good luck with that.  Of course Brendan had to make me look like a crazy person as he scarfed down half of the sandwich.  Looks like we will be going to Colleen’s for lunch everyday, haha!

Brendan and Payton enjoyed playing with the vacuum...yes they are a bit strange hah

Colleen also did arts & crafts with the kids. The girls painted picture frames and with Brendan she painted a canvas blue and did his footprint. He was not cooperative but we got it done 🙂

proof that he ate and loved the grilled cheese 🙂

In the afternoon we were invited over Lauren and Milo’s to go swimming. Their community has a couple pools so we had a great afternoon soaking up te rays and swimming around like fishies 🙂

getting some snacks during adult only swim time

post swim drink before nap...he was WORN out. Love the spiky hair 🙂


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