Father’s day…

As you all know Devin isn’t home this weekend for Father’s day but Brendan and I made the best of it because we are sooooooo  close to Devin being home again, for good!    So Saturday night we met Colleen, Kevin, Caitlin and Payton at a restaurant called On the Border. We had a great dinner, with Brendan being a bit of a hellion but that wasn’t until more towards the end.   The kids all had cheeseburgers or plain burgers and fries followed by ice cream.  Brendan did great with eating about 1/4 of his burger (a first for him). I tried him with a burger before but he didn’t want anything to do with it so it was exciting that he ate some.   He also did use his spoon to eat some of the ice cream that is before he grabbed the bowl and it hit the floor, oops!    At any rate we had a great time.

Today we cleaned a bit, went to get me a camera to hold me over til mine comes back, got some ice cream and played. We first got a camera from Kmart – the Kodak easyshare. Brought it home and was NOT impressed at all so back it went.   We then tried Wal-mart (what was I thinking going there on a Sunday and Father’s day at that!?!)  but I picked up the Canon Powershot A490.   So far so good!  It can’t compare to our Nikon but will serve it’s purpose 🙂

After Wal-mart I took Brendan for ice cream figuring it is Father’s day and he enjoys eating ice cream with his dad. We went to Coldstone Creamery. I got a chocolate milkshake (really good!) and for Brendan french vanilla with m&m’s mixed in.  Well he never made it to his ice cream but did have half my milkshake, little stinker! 😉

Also got his haircut this past week. OMG  it was torture…for me not him. The crying like they were cutting off his limbs was a bit shall we say dramatic.  From here on out Devin has to take him hah.

Happy father’s day!

So his molars are still being problematic 😦 I feel so bad for my little buddy.

watching Cherokee run around out back

reading Elmo's So Big book

Cherokee is so patient with him 🙂

don't you cook all your toy cars and trucks!?!


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