Chris and Heather’s wedding…

Saturday morning my cousins Beth, KC, Brendan and I all loaded up in Beth’s car to head up to Rhode Island.  My cousin Christopher is in the Coast Guard and is stationed in Cape Cod.  He met his now wife Heather, a great girl who we are openly welcoming into our family while up there.  They are getting ready to head out west for the next duty station.  But before they left there was a wedding celebration  🙂

Saturday night was the rehearsal dinner at a great place called Melville Grille. It was right by the water, great service and awesome food!

Chris and Heather thanking everyone for coming

everyone 🙂

he was sleepy from a long 7 hours in the car and his 2 year molars are coming in

he snuggled on Aunt Geri most of the weekend

the staff at the Grille made his day by giving him control over the fans and lights 🙂

Sunday morning we all met in the lobby for breakfast and then did some sightseeing…we drove down Ocean Dr past the mansions.  We didn’t tour any though since we didn’t have a lot of time. We did eat at a local place called Brick Alley Pub (if you are in the are eat there!) , sampled some local chocolates and enjoyed the scenery

After sightseeing we hung out in the room for a bit then headed out to the wedding…

he of course fell asleep on the bus

wedding location...absolutely beautiful!

he got to "drive" the bus....made his day !

unfortunately I don’t have reception pictures since my camera decided it needs a vacation 😦


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