Brendan’s 2nd birthday ….


The day started off with my Gram and I having a failed trip to the hairdresser. But that’s no biggie since I got one on one time with her which I always love and Brendan got to spend some time with Uncle Stephen and Aunt Savannah. After dropping Gram back at her house I went to get the birthday boy to see his great-grandparents on his 2nd birthday. In the afternoon my mom and I took Brendan to the Please Touch Museum. We had a really good time …he ran like a crazy man from exhibit to exhibit but by far his favorite was the one with water. You have all seen the pictures of him with his pirate ship, well he tried to throw the water all over at the Please Touch exhibit too haha. We saw trucks, trains, play grocery store, play hospital, a cottage, a big piano that you walk on and so many other fun things. Unfortunately (in a good way) there is just too much fun to be had so we will have to go back another day to finish up everything we didn’t get to do already. Also one thing I really liked about the Please touch museum is they have designated areas fro children 3 and under and they actually enforce these rules, good job! 🙂 After the Please Touch Museum we did presents with the birthday boy. He made out like a bandit of course with getting a new toddler laptop by Leap frog, clothes and fish. Yup my mom and dad got the boy fish for his birthday and he will love them. In the evening we all packed an over night bag and headed on down to the shore house. We did pizza (the birthday boys favorite!), cake (he loved!), fireworks (he was scared but enjoyed) and laughed a lot. He ran, played and had a great day. :

Pre-birthday trip to PetSmart and Grammy & Poppy’s …

i want that fishy

2nd birthday ….

eh, am I really 2!?!

2 year olds are allowed to have fruit loops for breakfast 😉

the sticker on his shirt says: I'm a Please touch museum birthday child!

this section had toddler (and under) treadmills, exercise bikes and other exercise equipment...very cute!


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  1. What a fun birthday! Happy Birthday, Brendan!!

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