ears, nose, belly….

This week we didn’t really do much of anything because of the heat.  We did go to the playground one morning before it got to hot.  But the equipment was already hot to the touch so there wasn’t much fun to be had.  Thursday night we did go on a dinner date with my friend Lauren to this place called The Italian Market.  It was our first time there the food was really good.  We had a great time just chatting away and  Brendan was flirting the whole time.  No shame in his game.

I have been working with Brendan on identifying body parts. It’s a slow process but so far we have piggie toes, belly, nose and ears.  Sometimes he will do eyes but not often enough to count.

Also tonight he was drinking out of a paper cup like a big boy.  So proud of himself too.  I would only put a bit of water in the cup, he’d drink it and I’d refill it.  We played this “game” for about 30 minutes but he loved it.

He has this little cheap Mickey camera from Target that he walks around with snapping fake pictures, incredibly cute.

Also today he was wearing orange for the Flyers. 🙂

he is very close to being able to turn the lock...help!

Brendan where is your nose?

hey Brendan where's your ear?


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