Memorial day weekend (2010)

Saturday morning Brendan and I headed out to BWI bright and early to pick-up Devin. Luckily because of the holiday we got him for 2 nights instead of one this time. We headed straight up to Philly to surprise my Gram and Poppy. As you all know my Poppy is sick and Devin hasn’t seen him so he wanted to go. They were sooooo happy to see us at their door. Brendan got to run around and make them laugh, we got to check in on things and see my mom and dad too.

of course he had to play with Gram and Poppy's light switch and phone...

playing the organ

When we got back to Maryland we played out on the deck with the pirate ship..

his favorite thing to do with the water

making sure his dad was watching him

At night time we headed over to Milo and Lauren’s for dinner and fun….

Sunday morning Brendan watched Devin cut the lawn, we went to lunch, Rita’s and the playground…

Memorial day we were up before the sun to get Devin to the airport. Luckily this is our last time dropping him off, yay! This afternoon we again spent on the deck splashing in the pirate ship.

A little over 3 weeks to go…. 🙂


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