Mabels labels (product review)

This is a first for me and I hope you all find it helpful.   A couple weeks ago a mom friend posted saying a company was looking to send out their product with a welcome kit.  People had to go to their site submit some info and in 2-3 would be notified if they were picked.  Well I was …yay go me!

So the company is Mabel’s Labels and this is for their buzzmama program.  So they sent me some free stuff and  I have to tell you I am happy I was selected for their program.  I saw their product a couple months ago but with being a sahm and Brendan only in daycare for a couple hours a week I didn’t have any use for their stuff.  But this program brought me back to their site and again exploring their product.  What I noticed was something that as a NICU/Preemie mom I could have used while Brendan was in the hospital.  If you all remember, or maybe you don’t,  in the last couple weeks of Brendan’s hospital stay he got to wear real clothes.  In those clothes I had to put his name on every piece in case they accidentally got thrown in the hospitals laundry.  Mabel’s labels offers clothes labels that are washer proof I really wish I would have known about them in the Summer of 2008.

At any rate I received my welcome kit for the buzzmama program about a week ago.  My initial reaction was to write and say oh yeh I got all this great stuff for free.  But I knew that wouldn’t be fair or accurate and  I didn’t want to tell you it’s a great product if it wasn’t.   In my welcome kit was:  2 pens, some sticky notes, babysitter info pad, grocery list pad, a reusable tote bag, coupons and the labels for sippy cups/regular cups.   So I slapped some labels on his cups and soaked them in the sink over night then ran them through the dishwasher.  The labels held up, in fact they still look new.   Good job Mabel’s!

I wasn’t paid to write this review.  Also if you would like to make any purchases on their site check with me first since they sent some coupons 🙂  They do have more then just stuff for children like labels for helping you get a little organization into your life 🙂



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2 responses to “Mabels labels (product review)

  1. Katie,

    Fantastic post! Thank you so much! We’re so pleased that you love your Buzzmama Welcome Kit! Be sure to buzzback about this post to earn credits towards more free goodies! Thanks again, and happy buzzing!

  2. Tasha


    i’m thinking of ordering…

    do you still have coupons for the labels?

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