Mother’s day weekend…

Friday morning Brendan and I hung around in MD waiting for his speech therapist to show…unfortunately he didn’t.  😦   So we headed up to Philly for the weekend to see my Poppy and celebrate Mother’s day.   Brendan got in a lot of time with his Pop while I spent time with my Poppy at the hospital.   They went for walks, threw rocks in the water (skipping rocks), flew a kite, shared waffles, held his first caterpillar and giggled a lot.  For mother’s day I took my mom out to dinner to Sweet Lucy’s. I know she enjoys their food and it was nice for just the two of us to enjoy dinner.  This morning before we left Philly I attended the family meeting about my Poppy at the hospital…GOOD NEWS he is being discharged this coming Sunday, May 16th!

flying the helicopter with his Pop

lots of kisses from Mamie

prepping the kite for take off

So this kite is a stunt kite. My parents got them for my brother and I when we went to North Carolina when we were little and now Brendan used it too 🙂

time out for a hug


chasing his mom 🙂

Sunday night I lost my mind, haha, and let Brendan totally feed himself. It was a mess but he had fun!

why use a spoon when you have a hand!?!

And some videos:

Sitting on the steps like a big boy

in Pennypack…



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