ST and some fun…

Friday we had Brendan’s 3rd session of speech therapy. This week his speech therapist brought some blocks for him to play with and a foam texture book. The goal with the blocks is to get him to put them together and pull them apart but when he pulls them apart say “Pop” and hopefully he will start to repeat it. The book he did really well with..he sat and flipped the pages, pulled out the foam animals and felt them and then put them back. His ST also gave me a musical cd with some songs that have repetitive sounds to them.

Friday evening my friend Laura came over with her boys, Cameron and Evan. We had the boys playing together for a couple hours while we chatted. Also Brendan took one of C&E’s straw cups and was drinking out of it. He always makes a liar out of me hah. I say this because not even five minutes before I was saying how he wouldn’t take their cup because he wouldn’t know what to do with it, wrong!

Brendan and Evan playing cars & trucks.

Cameron and Laura watching Cherokee run up to the door like a lunatic hahah

Mrs. Laura doing story for all the boys ..yes even Cherokee hahah

and then the little stinker picked up on of his buddies straw cups and started drinking out of it. Laura and I decided, lol, we are going to switch kids since her boys will eat for me and Brendan will drink and talk for her.

his shirt says it all

he likes to "hide" Cheerios for Cherokee to find

snack time while watching Sesame Street

stop taking my picture!


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