Pop and another playdate…

Saturday morning Brendan and I headed up to Philly again for a couple hours.  My Poppy is still in the hospital so we went up so I could see him again. Brendan got in some time with his Pop and his Mamie too and then we were on the road again back to Maryland.

*Ahem: my dad has some pictures but is holding them hostage* The pictures should be here but they are not hah!

Saturday night into Sunday it rained …when I woke up the weatherman was calling for severe thundersotrms. So because of the forecast, Brendan still being a preemie with preemie lungs I could not risk him getting sick from being in the rain.  Have no fear your donations did not go to waste and I will still be walking the 4 miles. Stay tuned for that entry next week.   Instead of the walk a friend, whom we were supposed to walk with, have us over for a playdate.  It was nice to get out and laugh a lot.  I really need this ..laughing is good for the soul. 🙂

Yes he feeds other dogs too haha

with Alexis changing all the setting for the cable and tv haha

with Audrey playing poppin' pals.

Alexis (on couch), Stasa and Audrey

After getting home from the playdate we played, watched it rain and Brendan had his first Push Pop. Remember them the orange sherbety type pops….well he loved it I think lol.  He ate about two bites worth but was thrilled that I let him hold it, yes I am nuts!

modeling his backpack..he loves it! (purchased at the petting zoo a couple weeks ago)

Oh Yeh is that for me!?!



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