Pop , Philly and progress

*** First things first t-mus 2 days until the March for babies… please if you have a dollar donate.. it all helps! Team Bolo4Brendan! ***

Monday evening Brendan and I went over my friend Laura’s house (cameron and Evan’s mom) so her husband Drew could help me with Stats stuff. Before we got down to work the boys got to play for a bit. I didn’t have my camera, can you believe it!?! But I do have a younger man now and his name is Cameron. The boys had a great time playing. I think Brendan was in heaven with all the toys they have!

Monday night my dad came down to fix my dryer. I guess this is one of those times where having your husband be away for an extended period of time really stinks. We have been without a fully functioning dryer for 3 weeks but now, thank the lord, it’s all fixed! While here my dad got in some play time with Brendan…they did some bird watching, went for a walk and watched the trucks go by. You know boy stuff!

watching the birds eat the bread off the deck

helping his Pop fix the dryer

while my mom and dad were in Seattle they picked up these adorable ducky slippers for Brendan.

So last Friday my Poppy was admitted to the hospital. Stephen flew in from Seattle to see him. So Wednesday Brendan and I drove to Philly for a couple hours to see Poppy and Stephen. It was good for Brendan to get some time with his godfather and I breifly got to see Poppy. He is still in the hospital so any thoughts or prayers you can send his way are appreciated. Thanks!

the boys

me look at the camera, hah yeh right Mom!

but if his Pop wants him to smile for the camera..NO PROBLEM!

together they will conquer the world!

learning all of the computer secrets 🙂

His goal in life is to get everyone to help him play with the light switch hahah

Today as we do most every Thursday we headed over to our EI playgroup at the gym. Brendan is showing great progress from the first week we went…he no longer cries and is showing more willingness to sit on the floor and not in my lap. He’s also paying attention to the stories, kind of doing the art activity and the knock-knock box.

watching the squirrel chase a bird

dropping some of his goldfish into Cherokees cage...so Cherokee could have a snack later (note: Cherokee was not in the cage)

The best part of playgroup is the nap he takes afterwards!


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