Playground and Playseum ….

Spring is here so the backdoor is open a lot to let the fresh pollen ridden air in to the house. This also means Brendan plays with the door the whole time it’s open…open, close, open close..


thanks for my shirt Aunt Beth!

Friday afternoon Brendan and I took a quick trip to the playground. We were hoping to beat the storm, which turned out to be a dud, but had fun while there.  H had his first playground accident but I was more shaken up then he was.  😦

it was a bit windy hahaha

1 more minute Mom

Saturday afternoon we headed to Bethesda to go to a place called The Playseum with some friends: Sara, Laura, Stephanie, Christina, Jessica x2, Valerie, Laura and Drew and all of our kids!  The Playseum is a really cool concept with a bunch of themed rooms for the kids, there is also painting, cupcake decorating and a beauty salon.

Brendan and Nicholas

cutie Conrad

Brendan, Marino and Nicholas

hmm yes he loves sand!

Stephanie and Jack with the bunny...Jack was not impressed 😉

Brendan on the keyboard...

The Brendan, Cameron and Evan band


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