This week has been great with Brendan finally being better and the weather. Thursday we went to EI playgroup as usual. I and the therapists there were happy to see Brendan doing better with his stranger anxiety and that he was doing some of the signs. He knows and does (sometimes) the sign for : up, more and open. He made a humpty dumpty craft at playgroup so cute!

Thursday night our fellow preemie friend Molly, her mom Jaime was hosting a fundraiser at Bruster’s ice cream so we picked up our friend Colleen and went for ice cream. I would say the fundraiser was a success by the amount of people I saw there! Brendan enjoyed some vanilla ice cream on a cone..but what a mess! This fundraiser is of course to benefit the March for Babies. If you want to learn more about Molly please click: Molly’s mission

So Wednesday night I am on the computer doing my Stat homework when I look over to see the top of Brendan’s activity has been removed…by Brendan. He then proceeded to climb into the cube hahah.

He also really likes playing with his cars, trucks and trains…

And he loves to get mail… (Aunt Geri yes it was on time I just never check my mailbox haha, thank you!)

what is more fun then a card that plays music!?! I think he opened and closed this card a couple hundred times so far.

and he had to figure out how it works

Calling his dad from his Elmo phone…

hey dad mom is taking me for ice cream tonight!

Finally the boy and his dog…thick as thieves…


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