Clarkland Farm…

This morning Brendan and I met up with our friends, fellow preemies, at Clarkland Farm in Clarksville Maryland. We got there when they opened hoping to beat the crowds and we did just that. We spent our whole stay in the petting zoo area but there is also a hayride that goes through their enchanted forest. I will have to take Brendan back to do that and a pony ride! Luckily the weather was perfect, a slight breeze and 70 degrees. The boys: Cameron, Evan, Brendan, Marino and Simon all had a good time with many smiles.

The boys started off our trip by chasing around a loose chicken…poor chicken didn’t know what was coming lol

Laura, Cameron, Sara and Marino

Megan, Simon, Brendan and Marino checking out the sheep

Marino loves to slide!

Look Mom ...

Megan and Simon

Brendan, Cameron and Laura checking out the baby chicks

a rooster!

a horse!

everyone checking out the ostrich

checking out Buddy the donkey having a snack

a Brendan size billie goat

Cameron, Evan and Drew

after the petting zoo the boys ran aroung the play area for a bit….

Our first attempt at a picture of the boys was in a boat…. this was a lot easier to do when they were younger

man overboard!

and then they all took off.

Luckily we can still trap them all in strollers…and yes we will still be doing this group shot when they are 16 😉

After the picture of the 5 most handsome boys at the farm we took a break for lunch…. and Brendan had his first lollipop.  He loved it.  I didn’t think he would but he did.


Cameron was like, Dude what you've never had a loppy pop?

and after lunch the boys played in a house with a piano…


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