Good Friday kind of….

Thursday night into Friday Brendan was hit with some kind of stomach bug/virus. He was up and vomiting twice but then slept with some coughing the rest of the night. The vomiting didn’t worry me because of his reflux but Friday mid-morning Brendan didn’t seem like himself. Aunt Geri stopped by with something for my mom, while she was here Brendan became more sluggish and then fell asleep on the living room floor. Now this wouldn’t be “alarming” to a lot of parents but my son doesn’t sleep anywhere but his crib, carseat or pack n play never ever does he fall asleep in odd places like some kids do. Then other symptoms followed and he felt warm so I called his pediatrician they recommended Urgent care/E.R. We decided to wait it out to see if we could get him to keep any fluids in but at this point he wasn’t drinking or eating but was still getting sick. I had to go buy more diapers and wipes and thought to pick up some Rita’s because I know he loves this stuff. When I got back he was asleep again on my mom, warm and still sluggish. We tried to get him to have some Rita’s but he wasn’t interested. My dad had already called CVS minute-clinic for some advice, they offered to check him out so in we went. I like to avoid the E.R. if I can because we all know if you aren’t sick when you go in there you most definitely will be when you leave from all the germs! Well the nurse at CVS said because of the vomiting she couldn’t help us and advised we go to the E.R. Off my dad, Brendan and I went to St. Christopher’s E.R. Luckily because it was Good Friday it was empty so they got us back in a room immediately, asked some questions and determined it was just the virus that is going around. Recommendation: go home push the fluids on him, if we notice signs of dehydration to bring him back. While in the E.R. he perked up, I think he feared having to stay there 😉 So we were hopeful that he would be fine.

Friday night we already had made plans for Aunt Sheryl, Uncle George and Hayley to come over to celebrate my moms birthday and to dye Easter eggs so we kept on with this plans. Brendan was fine the whole time they were here…soaking up all the attention he could.

he took it upon himself to have some Fruit Loops...yes by that I mean he went in the cabinet, took out the box, opened it and enjoyed all the loops he could handle hahah

probably trying to get Aunt Sheryl to let him play with the light switch

Aunt Hayley and Casey brought him a basketball toy to help him feel better…

getting some love from Casey

OMG I cannot believe I am related to these people

checking out his egg

really checking on his egg....

and we ended the night by singing Happy birthday to my mom ….and reading a book with Pop….


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