Kisses, high-fives and playdates….

It’s been a super busy week for me and Brendan. Not that I am complaining because it is helping the time pass by quickly 🙂 This week Brendan and I worked on him giving kisses and high-fives. He’s perfected both!

sometimes Cherokee gets jealous of Brendan getting his picture taken. He sat there in that spot until I took his picture. He's a goofy pup!

Poor Cherokee doesn't know whats about to get him... mini hulk!

Did you know that it's super fun to sit on your bulldozer from Auntie KC and throw all of your toys one by one into the living room!?! Cause it is! Right after this picture he stood on the bulldozer, help me!

Tuesday ….

No mommy i'm not up to no good... promise!

This morning we went to story time at Barnes & Noble with Laura, Cameron and Evan. The boys ran, we chased them, we scared a very pregnant woman who asked if this is how all boys are HAHAHAHAH YES! The 3 boys were working against me and Laura as a team…smart!

Laura thought if she read them a story they would stop trying to escape..hah nope!

for the official story time we trapped the boys intheir strollers 🙂

This afternoon Brendan and I met up with T.

and Morgan at Crofton Park. This might be our new favorite place.

he was watching the baby a couple swings over 🙂

lil Ms. Morgan showing us her sliding skills

He was really curious about the leaves and loved kicking them.

quenching his thirst 🙂


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