Speech therapy – session 1

Friday we had Brendan’s first session of speech therapy.  I have to say I wasn’t impressed so hopefully Aunt Regina you can help me out haha.   First he forgot the time of the appointment so he called to find out, then he was late and finally when he got here eh  nothing spectacular took place. Now I know there wasn’t going to be a miracle yesterday but I did expect to learn some techniques or see him actually work with Brendan on his speech.  What he did do was have him assemble a Mr Potato Head and a stackable train, huh!?!  We all know Brendan can do these basic tasks so this was confusing.  Yes we said the body parts and said “blocks” as Brendan was assembling the train but , what!!?  I am hoping it was just this way because it was day one and next time will go better.

This weeks recommendations:  Talk to him more, introduce him to juice boxes, limit access to toys ( I was doing this anyway) and parallel play.


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