haircut and the Easter bunny….

Monday was a rainy yucky day so we didn’t really do much but hang out.  Tuesday Brendan got his 2nd haircut ….OMG  he was like a lunatic.  You would have thought the girl cutting his hair was torturing him. So embarrassing!  Either way she said he was fine, finished the cut and off we went to meet up with Colleen, Payton and Caitlin to see the Easter bunny.  All 3 kids were rock stars going right up to the bunny with no fear and posing perfectly for their pictures.  Brendan was having some kind of conversation with the Bunny because he kept pointing to things but I have no clue what it was about haha.

He wanted to get a little closer to his stuffed animals he went....

Yup, it's raining again

daydreaming of sunny days at the playground

playing with the choochoos before his haircut

this time he chose to sit in the firetruck 🙂

and this is where his excitement to be in the firetruck ended. Hopefully next time is better.

trying to woo Caitlin and Payton with his singing at lunch

Now wait just one minute I have something important to say

Ms. Colleen was happy to help him try to fall asleep.

Getting some love from Caitlin....

and Payton. He was in heaven!


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