Brendan and his daddy

Saturday morning Brendan and I were up early, dressed and out the door to pick up Devin from the airport. It had been 32 days (not that I was counting haha) since Devin pulled away to start our new journey. His flight arrived early (YAY!) to BWI we quickly scooped him up and off we were to start our 30 hour visit (again not that I was counting hah). We packed so much fun into this beautiful nearly 70 degree weekend. We shopped since Devin needed shorts and tops for the warmer weather down South, ate, snugged, talked, went to the playground, played “soccer” in the field, slept soundly for the first time in weeks, spent a lazy Sunday morning just hanging out, had water ice from Rita’s and then took Devin back to the airport to have him return again (hopefully!) in a couple weeks.

This visit was perfect but mostly it was needed by all three of us. We were counting on the fact that Brendan is so young that it wouldn’t have such an impact on him. But it was clear from the minute we picked Devin up that Brendan misses his daddy. He was attached to him throughout the whole visit. 🙂

Devin did make it safely back to his destination for those of you wondering. 🙂

Brendan had a great time showing Devin how much he has changed and can do now

Devin taught Brendan how to drive his radio control truck

showing his dad the tree

chasing after his dad

At various points throughout the day(s) Brendan would turn around to just give Devin a hug, melt my heart!

Devin had to carry Brendan out of the playground...he was having so much fun 🙂

Yesterday I noticed that the Easter Bunny has taken up residence in our backyard. Bunny is living behind our small shed which is also where he goes to hide from Cherokee 🙂

Brendan checking out the bunny (windows messy thanks to the rain and the dog)

he successfully put his mega bloks car back together 🙂


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