Well today was supposed to be our first trip to the early intervention playgroup unfortunately the snow is still hindering activities in this area so playgroup was canceled. My friend Laura and her boys, Brendan’s buddies Cameron and Evan, also go to this playgroup they also didn’t know it was canceled so all 5 of us decided to do our own thing. We headed over to the town center to Panera for some breakfast. The poor people in Panera didn’t know what hit them when we showed up with the 3 boys and then lined up 3 highchairs for them. But the boys are all very well behaved, especially for kids on the verge on turning 2. I ordered Brendan a bagel with cream cheese (they give it to you in a container on the side) and some milk. He ate almost 1/2 of the bagel and a couple bites had cream cheese on it. He also had some Teddy grahams and shared them with his buddy Cameron. 🙂

Evan checking out the action, Cameron can't decide which cup is more fun and Brendan probably has 10+ teddy grahams shoved in his mouth hah

kids get cell phones so young these days!

After Panera we took the boys over to Barnes & Noble to run around the kids section for a bit.   The boys liked standing in the window, sitting at the table, running on the stage and causing trouble…you know being BOYS hahah!

future firefighters 🙂


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  1. I LOVE THESE PICTURES! I can’t wait to do this again next week. It’s sooooo nice getting out of the house and having a change of scenery. If Barnes & Noble is that empty most weekdays at that hour I say lets trash the place at least once a week.

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