Rock My Valentine 2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone we hope you all had a great day with your friends and loved ones.   Devin, Brendan and I had a great day ourselves filled with a yummy breakfast (bacon, eggs and toast), naps, photo shoots, packing, Outback to go for dinner and more pictures.  🙂   I (Katie) was lucky enough to receive a lovely necklace this year for Valentine’s day from my two fellas.  It is absolutely perfect, they obviously have been paying attention to my subtle hints 😉

Ok let’s start things off with a video of young Mr. Brendan.  We got him  Hulk gloves for Christmas, they say some short phrases from the Incredible Hulk movie like:  Hulk mad, Hulk smash, etc.  They made us laugh because, well, Brendan being a toddler destroys everything!   Until this past week he would only hold the gloves and throw them to have them make noise.  A couple days ago he started wearing them as actual gloves so today we got it on video. The video isn’t great quality since Devin had to capture quickly on his cell phone but it will do 🙂

he needed some help from his bestest buddy

Hahah Cherokee I am coming to get you!

put your dukes up

watching Bob the builder

After Brendan woke up from his early afternoon nap he got his tubby and we did his Valentine’s day photo shoot.   I have had his outfit planned for months, it’s a sickness I know hah.   I purchased his shirt last year right after Valentine’s day with this years photo shoot in mind.  I purchased some props for the shoot a couple weeks ago …just a simple heart shaped lollipop and a couple glitter hearts and the word love.  I knew Brendan would love the hearts and love because of the glitter. The lollipop I thought he wouldn’t like because it was sticky but once he got a taste of it it was on!

Will you be my Valentine?

he loves letting me take a picture and then checking it on the back of the camera

Yes for a couple minutes we did let him have sugar...OMG what a mess!

Devin tried to get Brendan to share...but he wasn't having it !


I didn't do it

with my little Valentine

Devin was acting silly like a Photographer at a children's photography studio making noises and doing a crazy dance it was hysterical but you can see Brendan was thoroughly confused haha


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