Sketti face….

The past couple days have been chaotic at best with preparations underway for Devin to process out of his old job and begin the journey with his new one. Chaos as we all know is not fun and anxiety comes with chaos, ick! Luckily in a bit it will all settle down we will have a routine and the anxiety will dissipate.

Thursday Devin had to go into D.C. to drop off some of his equipment at work and as you know we have been pretty much cooped up in the house, save to get out for milk, thanks to the blizzards. So Brendan and I joined him for the trip…we also got to meet some of Devin’s officials, coworkers and friends which was nice although unfortunate it was for a hi and bye.

He finds Teddy Grahams to be interesting ..yes quite interesting indeed

Oh my gawd Mom they are all gone

Friday night we went out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory we had a 45 minute wait so not to bad. Luckily it is right at the Annapolis Mall so we walked the mall and found a little carousel for Brendan to play on since the play area was packed to the gills. He drove a boat , a train and a big red dog.

It’s worth noting that Brendan does so so so good when we go out to dinner, knock on wood. We think this is because we have always taken him with us and hope he continues to behave at restaurants but know we are getting into that age range where it can get iffy.  Anyways at dinner he did well had some bread and milk, devoured half my sandwich roll, one of Devin’s macaroni and cheese balls, some of Devin’s chicken and french fries.

Devin had his leftovers for lunch today unfortunately for him his little buddy loves whatever he eats so he had to share with him.   Brendan especially loved the spaghetti. It was his first time trying spaghetti but he did great with it…no problems at all. 🙂 This is probably his new favorite food as it is a lot of fun to play with, smoosh all around and paint his tray with the sauce.

dancin' skettis


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