Day 6 of the Blizzard bonanza

Today was/is day 6 of being “trapped” at home. We did manage to venture out briefly to go hunting for milk since yesterday we weren’t able to find any.  Luckily  after checking a couple places we did find some.   After that we were home for the day …the wind was too much making the visibility while driving basically zero.   Tomorrow the goal is to shovel, we are hoping the plow and bobcat guys will show up and we may venture out to take some pictures if the roads permit it.  They are calling for more snow on Monday, O M G we cannot catch a break!

Also I signed Brendan and myself up for some mommy and me swim lessons. We start next Wednesday morning, they last for 6 weeks…each session is 1/2 hour.  I am excited about the lessons since Brendan will be spending a lot of time near the water.

Brendan has taken an interest in an old remote control Hummer I got for Devin many many birthdays ago.

They are wondering if the snow will ever end

it was too cold to go outside so we brought him in a bit of snow ...he wasn't impressed

eating his favorite thing Snikkdy Snack grilled cheese cheese puffs


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