The great digout and Superbowl !

Today was the second day of the dig out from the blizzard. Our neighbors are not being too kind with this and have piled all their snow in front of my car! Luckily the Jeep is free and clear so haha to them. Devin spent the better portion of today doing damage control on the house …removing snow from the small and medium sheds outback, checking the roof, clearing the heat pump and moving tree branches. We heard a rumor that our HOA (homeowner’s association) is having a plow bobcat come in to remove snow on Tuesday before the next storm comes in…I hope so!

This afternoon Brendan decided he couldn’t be trusted so he put himself in a timeout while I finished up the chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered Oreos for the Superbowl party….

covered in milk chocolate then drizzled with each teams colors 🙂

Tonight we headed over to our friend Milo and Laurens house for a Super Bowl party a first for Brendan.  Because of the storm only us and one other person showed up.  There was a ton of yummy food, great drinks and they all fawned over Brendan.   It was a great game, Congrats to the Saints fans on your win!

Lauren helping Brendan eat a pulled pork sandwich...he loved it

Milo and Brendan having a chat

OMG did you see that touchdown!?!

Shawn, Milo, Lauren, Brendan and Devin

eating Shawn's blackberry

he loves his daddy 🙂


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