It was a blizzard!

The weather people weren’t wrong for once.  We were hit with a winter storm that turned into a blizzard…predictions at first were for 12 inches by the end of the week they had upped the totals to anywhere from 22-30 inches.   The snow started for us early in the afternoon on Friday continuing through until the sun set on Saturday.  Devin put a piece of pvc pipe out back marked it at 24 inches (that line is covered!) , we have snow drifts that are higher then our neighbors cars but still we had fun in the snow.   Devin was out shovelling a couple times, he was helpful and did a few of our neighbors houses too.  After the snow stopped we bundled Brendan up in footie pajamas and his skeleton sweatsuit from Halloween to snap some pics of him in the snow then we went for a ride in the Jeep.   The rides are ok, not great but perfect for us and our Jeep.

Also today Brendan got to talk to his Mommom and Poppop H on Skype in Florida 🙂

Hope you all are enjoying the snow or sun!

the view out our backdoor this morning at 9 a.m. when the snow was still coming down in full force 🙂

Cherokee had a lot of fun running around like a lunatic in the snow.

munching on a waffle before heading out in the snow. And yes he ate 90% of that waffle I was shocked!

the view from the window in our's a lot of snow heehe

he did not like how cold the snow was hahaha

Brendan is our measuring stick ...the snow officially goes up to his shoulders

ok guys I am ready to go back in now

our pvc measuring's 30 inches total... we figure we got about 26 inches total


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