Preemie awareness….

Back on December 10th a pretty famous family, The Duggar’s, welcomed their 19th child into this world.  She was born 15 weeks early and everyone kept saying she was fine.  These kind of reports caused quite the uproar in the preemie community and many preemie moms took to their blogs to voice their opinion on the matter.  The fact is that a baby born at 25 weeks gestation is not fine and won’t be fine for awhile.   The Duggar Family have a show on TLC called 18 19 Kids and counting I watch it all the time.  For the birth of their 19th child Josie the cameras kept on rolling there will be a special airing on her progress and life in the NICU.

Duggar special

There is also an article in People magazine this week .  

Duggar article

It is unfortunate that the Duggar Family joined the ranks of us other preemie families but it is great that they are using their fame to help with awareness.


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