First haircut!

Today we took Brendan for his first haircut. I was holding out hope that his hair would be curly like his dads but blonde like mine. Well I got the blonde part right but the hair never got really curly just funky curly in a non cute way. So off we went to get it cut at a cute place in Annapolis called Pigtails and Crewcuts. The girls in the shop were really nice, luckily because we went mid afternoon the shop was empty except for us and one other customer. They have chairs that you can sit in and hold your child or that your child can sit in alone in a police car, firetruck or airplane. The other little boy was in the police car so we put Brendan in the airplane. They had a Thomas the train movie on, gave him some magnets and animal crackers and we had brought a sippy cup with milk. He was leary of the scissors and clippers but there weren’t any tears. He looks so grown up now šŸ˜¦ The girl put some of his hair in a little bag for us to keep and I of course took some pictures šŸ™‚

getting all cleaned up for his haircut

all ready for his haircut


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