All better, pizza and 60’s!

Ok I am so happy to report that Brendan is all better. It must have been a 48 hour bug but when he got better he was better and running like a maniac immediately haha.

Saturday we were having leftover pizza for lunch when Brendan did his cute little reach point thing he does when he wants something. So he got a piece of pizza and devoured it!

Today it was 60 degrees when we woke up, unseasonably warm for Maryland at the end of January but not surprising after the storms we had last night. It was the perfect opportunity to have Brendan test out his Power Wheels. He is still a little bit to short to reach the pedals so Devin rigged it to run without Brendan needing to push the pedal and Brendan could just concentrate on steering (he really needs to work on this haha) and pushing all the buttons. He had a lot of fun ……

his face says it all... excited!

cruisin in his car with his license plate from Uncle Stephen and Aunt Savannah


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