So he’s sick ….

We made it to Brendan being just shy of 20 months (17 adjusted) before he had any real sickness that would send us into a complete panic. Yesterday that all ended. When Brendan woke up Wednesday morning he was fine, no different then any other day. As the day progressed I noticed he was getting clingy, not typical for Brendan, but I didn’t mind. He is usually going going going only stopping to drink, eat and sleep. Mid-afternoon he looked terrible, his forehead was warm, he wouldn’t eat or drink, and he was having problems standing. I know from other mom friends in the area that a bug is going around with cold like symptoms so I wrote it off as that and put him down for a nap. He woke from his nap and vomitted and still had all the symptoms from earlier in the afternoon. So we took his temperature, we have one of those thermometers by Vicks that not only gives you the number temp but also is color coded….green is safe, yellow is keep and eye on it and red is well you know not good. So within seconds the screen turns red. I knew this was going to happen because I could feel the heat through his clothing but he was shivering so Devin put him in the tub (lukewarm) and I called the 24 hour nurseline for the hospital (AAMC) . The nurse I spoke with was useless, seriously she was not helpful at all. So we decided to try and get the fever down but if it wouldn’t go down we would go to Nighttime Pediatrics. After the bath he had a bottle with watered down apple juice and fell asleep he awoke shortly after screaming and I could literally feel his stomach turning and then he vomitted again 4 or 5 times,I lost count. Tub, Tylenol, water and vomit again by this time Nighttime Pediatrics was closed (WTH!?!) so again I called the nurseline seeing if we needed to go to the ER. His temp was still reading at 103.4, yes the Tylenol was breaking it but after 4 hours it shot back up, he wasn’t keeping liquids down and still was having all the same symptoms as before. This nurse was a little more helpful, but not really, she said we could come in to the ER but it was filled with germs and if we could make it a couple more hours (by this point it was 4 a.m.) until his pediatrician opens that would be our best bet. So we went with that option because the thought of him being around even more germs and possibly getting an even worse stomach virus was not what we wanted. He had about 4 oz of water and slept for a 5 hour span.

This morning his fever was elevated but not as high but he still had all other symptoms. A follow up call to the pediatrician put my nerves at ease she said we did the right things and to keep an eye on him. She gave me a plan to get some fluids into him since the concern at this point wasn’t the fever but that he wouldn’t drink. He again fought the liquids and slept the majority of the day, luckily Devin stayed home today to help keep me company and because we were both exhausted. Around 5 this evening Brendan decided he was thirsty he wouldn’t drink water, apple juice or pedialyte so we gave him milk and he drank every last drop. He played some tonight, had some Gerber puffs and then went to bed. He is still not back to himself but I am hopeful that tomorrow my little crazy boy will be back.

Hopefully it is just a 48 hour bug, tomorrow will tell… we will either be causing a rucus and having fun or at the pediatrician.

Yes he was sick and yes I still took pictures when he was up and playing….

Private first class BGH reporting for duty!

Little Mater meet Big Mater

sleeping on his dad


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