February 2nd is EI eval day

Yup got the call yesterday so February 2nd is the day the early intervention team/person will come out to the house to evaluate Brendan and his skills or lack thereof to see what services he qualifies for.  We have the first appointment of the day and it should take a couple hours for the full assessment but  before they leave we will know what if any services he is eligible to receive.  From speaking with friends about their EI experiences I am pretty confident he will be receiving speech therapy and some kind of motor skills therapy as well.   This kind of assessment is hard to accept as a parent because once again like the NICU rollercoaster it’s realizing that you have failed your child in some way because this all relates back to him being born prematurely.    And to some this might not seem like it would be hard but they write up a full report about all of your childs faults, your faults as a parent and what you should be doing.  That is a hard one to swallow but we will do anything and everything possible to get Brendan up to speed and into a chatterbox.

modeling his cowboy slippers from Aunt Diane. Yes he wore them out in public....in fact to Target he thought he was hot stuff. 🙂 and yes his pacifier is upside down that is how he prefers them. He had them that way in the NICU because the other way they were to big for his face.


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One response to “February 2nd is EI eval day

  1. Aw… Big hugs. You did not fail him. He just has his own pace and he’ll be damned if anyone is going to tell him how to do things, and certainly not any of those stupid developmental charts that everyone is so fond of. We kick ass as parents, and NO ONE can deal with the crap we have going on as well as we have. EI is not listing your faults, they are just making a checklist of things to play with B so he can learn without feeling like he’s learning. I do that with my husband all the time. LOL!

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