windy days = pj party days!

For us here in Maryland the past couple of days have been extremely windy. Sunday and today were too windy and cold to leave the house so Brendan got to have pj days. Also he is on day 6(?) honestly I have lost count of his latest cold and finally I think it’s almost gone. Today Brendan enjoyed a bubble bath , his favorite, and then played with his trucks and in his tent.

Yesterday I was eating tuna fish on crackers when Brendan pointed to them so I offered him a bit and he took it, came back for more next thing I knew the whole plate was gone! He also had some cake which was an issue I think because cake is too dry for his mouth still and was making him gag and have some reflux issues.

Sunday night Devin and Brendan built a fort... "no girls allowed" psshh!

looking super fly in his robe from Mamie and Pop custom made just for him and it's reversible

O M G Mom stop taking my picture

ok fine, go ahead keep on taking my picture

all three boys were in the tent ....yes even the furry one hahah

Rocky Balboa!?!

playing with his bug toy from his friend Jericho


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