dinosaurs, history and D.C. all with family :)

This week we were lucky to have family in town visiting so we got to hang out with them on Saturday.  To say it was frigidly cold is an understatement it was cold and  windy but luckily we got excellent parking.   It is so fun living in this area with all this free stuff especially when family comes to town.   We got to see dinosaurs, the hope diamond, gems, butterflies and insects. It was perfect for the kids to burn energy and the adults got to chit chat.

Devin and Brendan inside the Natural history museum ...this was Brendan's first time there.

Dennis, Dana, Derick and Brendan

Uncle Denny teaching Brendan something bad hahaha

Dennis and Dana were nice and shared their Cheetos with Brendan..he loved them!

Dana with some big rock hah

Dennis in the butterfly exhibit

Derick checking out bugs, yuck!

After the Natural history museum we headed to the American history museum for a bit.  We saw gunboat Philadelphia and got Brendan an Army guy helmet,  a Dumbo ride, they also had a Christmas display but the line was really long, Price of Freedom, American Presidents, Vietnam War and by then Brendan was ready to go.  So we parted ways only to realize on the way home that Devin and I hadn’t eaten all day so we stopped on our way home for dinner at our favorite place, Outback, YUM!

watching a history movie

at dinner with a hat on, but he doesn't realize it's on (win for us!) and his cell phone

It was a fun day and I hope they come to visit again soon!


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