A decade in review (Newsweek did it so I am too)….2000 -2010….

Can you believe it another year has come and gone? Well I have to say I was glad to see 2009 go as I am an even number kind of girl so hello my friend 2010!

So here we go ….


On the eve on Dec 31, 1999 we all prepared for Y2K. I don’t know about your households but back then I was still living at home with my mom, dad, brother and Shamus “the wonder pup”. We were adequately (understatement) prepared for any and all situations. This NYE was a tense one as my then boyfriend, now husband, was in some “shelter” for work with the USMC.


This year started off great with me finally getting my driver’s license just 10 days shy of turning 21. Yes Devin and I did turn 21 this year we didn’t do it up like most people. I celebrated with my family at a favorite restaurant called Georgine’s in Bristol. Devin and I jointly celebrated a day in Atlantic city with our measley $25 a piece we doubled it and booked it out of there hah. Neither of us got the gambling gene. The Fall of 2001 would change everything forever and be a time I, and I hope everyone, will never forget.

I struggled with September 11th ever since the event as my loved one worked in D.C. at the time, for the military at a very high risk place. That day for me was pure hell. But now as a mother and father we struggle with it more. How to explain to a child how the world was before!?! How do you help them understand that there was a time when life was easier but someone took that from them, they will never get to experience it. And hope to God and all things holy that nothing of that caliber happens in their lifetime. Although you know the reality is that it will and how then will you pick up the pieces and tell them it will be ok.


This year brought us the Beltway sniper which to many of our readers may not mean much but to Devin, Brendan and I it does because this event occurred right around the corner from us, literally! John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo brought the DC/MD/VA to paralyzing levels of fear for weeks.
Killing many and mentally damaging others.

Devin was also honorably discharged from the USMC and offered a position with another federal Agency 🙂


Katie moves to Maryland. I think this is the biggest decision I have ever made of my life. It was hard to move away but being only 2.5 hours is a quick drive home. This year was also the first of many where I wasn’t home for Thanksgiving but battled the Black Friday traffic to get home for our annual tree cutting. If you know my family you know this is a huge thing. And worse this was the first year where I didn’t know if I would be going home for Christmas. 😦 Luckily we did make it home for Christmas and all was well!


We got our puppy Cherokee and boy was that a shock to our life hah. But a welcomed one and very loved. I was accepted into the University of Marylands School of Education that was very exciting!


This year we lost Pope John Paull II it was a sad time he was an excellent leader for not only our faith, Roman Catholic but his views and love spanned across the world to all faiths. Many people loved and adored this man and I don’t know that another Pope can hold a candle to him.

Also in 2005 Devin and Katie got engaged, finally after 8 years of dating! The proposal was perfect happening on Christmas Eve after Devin did the traditional thing and asked Katie’s dad for her hand in marriage.


This is what we shall call the year of the wedding hahahah. Yes I tried and tried to not let the wedding take over but they have a way of doing that ya know, taking over. The bridal shower and wedding were the huge events of 2006.

This is when my Grammy made me cry. Not nice!

Best Bridesmaids and Jr. Bridesmaid a girl could ask for


Quiet and uneventful the only big thing we did was go to Jamaica! This was Katies first time leaving the country 🙂

On our way to Jamaica

enjoying Jamaica 🙂


The year of Baby H! Yes folks this was the year we, Devin and I, have longed for this year when the year was coming to a close we found out we were going to become parents. Praise the lord above. It took months for this miracle to occur but it was well worth the wait! Phillies win the World Series and yes you can thank Brendan for that 😉


Reflux, more reflux, school for me, school for Devin, Barack Obama became President and change is coming. In 2009 Brendan had a lot of firsts: hockey game, baseball game, walked, pretzel, block party, NYE, sweet treats, real food and a lot more incredible things.


So our hopes for 2010 are for another great year, successes and happiness for everyone. For peace and joy to you and yours!


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  1. Kate, this is a great entry….Very nice…xoxo mom

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