Christmas day….

We all must have been very good this year because Santa did come and left a ton of presents at my mom and dads house for us.  Brendan of course had the biggest pile and the most fun stuff.  🙂  We were up early, but not too early,  did our traditional pictures at the top of the steps and then began the unwrapping extravaganza.  Wrapping paper was everywhere, smiles were on every face and we had a screeching babbling happy toddler.   After presents I did the usual call to Hayley to see how she made out and as usual she was spoiled by Santa as well 🙂   After presents we had our traditional Christmas breakfast of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls while listening to Christmas music. Afterwards we were all in the living room and Brendan was wandering around next thing we hear is the cd player playing music and the z0gauge trains are on. Yup Brendan was in the dining room and had turned both of them on..what a little bugger!

milk and toast before presents

he had too much to do to stay still for pictures....

next Christmas Brendan is asking Santa for a Nikon camera

playing with Chuck the talking dump truck

In the afternoon we headed up to Aunt Diane and Uncle Phil’s for the festivities.  We played yankee trader/pollyanna which is always fun and gets loud not that this family isn’t already loud haahah.  Brendan was greeted with presents…books, a truck, puzzle, his first camera ( fisher-price of course 🙂 ) and a farm all of which he loves!  We had excellent food and many many laughs.

everyone getting reading for our gift exchange

say "cheese"

taking a nap with Poppy

playing Duck Hunter


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