Christmas Eve-Eve & Christmas Eve….

I didn’t think we could be anymore blessed then we already are but once again otherwise was proven.

Devin, Brendan and I headed home for the holidays last week.  We left Maryland on Wednesday, mid-morning, making a pit stop in Delaware at my sister/brother-in-laws house to drop off some gifts and free up room in our Jeep. We also got to spend some time with our niece and nephews before getting back on the road.   We got into Philly about dinner time actually just in time for some pizza, yum!  After Mondays iffy news at Brendan’s pediatrician appointment we were  cautious about giving him food but my parents were encouraging us to try so we did.  Brendan ate the equivalent of a whole piece of pizza from New England Pizza (on Bustleton Ave) and about half a mozzarella stick with some marinara sauce. Luckily he didn’t puke any of it back up 🙂  After dinner Brendan got some one on one time with his Mamie and Pop so Devin and I could finish up our shopping.  He spent the night playing with the trains with Pop, got a brand new rob for the winter time to keep him warm and then fell asleep on his pops lap.

Despite the non-smile he was mmmm mmm mmming the pizza 🙂

Mamie and Pop got him a winter hat and 2 pairs of mittens so we practiced wearing them

watching the choo-choos

Pop teaching Brendan about Nutcracker's

Christmas Eve is probably my favorite day of the year.  Yes even more so then Christmas itself because Christmas is too chaotic.   Anyway Brendan didn’t really sleep the first night in Philly we think he knew he had only a couple days with his Uncle Stephen and Aunt Savannah so he want to play play play haha.   The day started early he had toast with strawberry preserves that he shared with Shamus (haha!), froot loops and a cup of milk and 2 saltines with no puking issues.  Now if we could just keep this eating thing up it would be awesome!  So my mom and dad spent the better portion of the day in the kitchen, I helped a bit, Brendan of course supervised and in the early evening Devin and Stephen went over to pick up Grammy.  The Bartkus’  came over shortly thereafter and Brittany’s friend Sam came over too so we had a full house and it was perfect with the Christmas magic in the air.  We had a ton of delicious food, opened gifts, laughed and enjoyed great company as usual.

storytime with Mamie

Brendan supervising Pop assembling the z-gauge trains

checking their work

clean baby...right after this the towel was off and he was running wild hahah

Savannah, Stephen and Hayley

Present was slow... but we got there hahah

Their gift from Brendan 🙂

getting ready to go to bed and hope Santa comes 🙂


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