18 month stats

Monday Brendan had his 18 month doctors appointment.  I think the snow from this past weekend worked in our favor since normally we are at the doctors for a hour to an hour and a half. But this time we were in and out in about 35 minutes.  

Weight:  23 lbs  5 oz  – 25%

Height: 31 in – 15%

Head: 48.5 in – 50%

So he is growing but not a lot which isn’t a great concern but the fact that he has only gained barely a pound in 3 months isn’t great.  We discussed Brendan’s eating issues and decided at this point it’s time for an intervention.  We are going to have some help from a doctor at JHU with a swallow study to see what is going on in Brendan’s mouth, throat and stomach when he eats and why he is throwing up basically everything he eats.   We need to determine if this is an oral aversion or something wrong anatomically. 

We also discussed Brendan’s lack of speech and have been referred to Early Interevention for speech therapy.  The doctor isn’t greatly concerned but she would rather him not get any further behind and again like the food issue find out now what is going on so we can come up with a plan.

He also got his Hep-A shot and second Swine flu shot.   

The appointment ended with Brendan having blood drawn for food allergy testing.  They did this just as a precaution.  There is a possibility that a feeding clinic is in our future and we are hoping to avoid that, as they are very expensive and not covered by insurance.  😦


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  1. Laura

    Sounds like you and I need to get together for a lunch date and talk. I’ve got some stuff we can try to help with both eating and speech. The EI speech teacher we’re working with is nice, hopefully you can work with her too. Let me know if you need their phone number. Laura

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