Christmas tree and winter break ….ahhh !

So this past Saturday we finally got our tree. It wasn’t the usual experience of bundling up, traipsing through the woods and then chopping down our tree. this year was/is chaotic with Devin working a lot and going to school and me in school 3/4’s time. So this year on Saturday night we went to Home Depot and got a pre cut tree but still we made it fun, it was cold and there were a ton of other people there doing the same thing.

Devin (doing his take the picture already Kate face) with our tree haha

me and my little buddy ....yes we bought him yet another snowglobe and yes I do take a camera everywhere I go! 🙂

So you know how most children sleep with a stuffed animal or blanket? Brendan sleeps with a snowglobe. So after Christmas we will be stocking up on these at Home Depot hahah. He falls asleep everynight listening to the music play and wakes up every morning first thing he does is start the snowglobe.

This week Brendan also got a lesson in stair safety since recently, ahem Devin, taught him how to go up the stairs. This means he will also eventually have to go down those stairs, haha.   Luckily for now he is scared to go down the stairs.

lesson on stair safety from daddy

This week was also finals week for both Devin and myself, woohooo!  We now have 6 glorious weeks of no school.   Hopefully our grades will be in sooner rather then later 🙂

Brendan showing Cherokee how to use his toy.

playing with his bead toy from Cousin Sierra 🙂

And finally the piece de la resistance our 2009 Christmas tree….

everyone from Philadelphia should have pretzel ornaments on their Christmas tree!


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